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digitalJ2 is a proven revenue growth agency for growth-oriented companies. We fuel our clients’ growth by building predictable, measurable and proven marketing and sales solutions. We work with C-Level executives and marketing and sales leaders on marketing & sales alignment, lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention to create sustainable revenue growth. Why choose us? Unlike other agencies, our team of Inbound marketing and sales experts are driven by our customers’ success, and with that, our customers’ revenue growth goals become our goals. If you and your team are struggling to create predictable revenue growth, contact us today to speak to one of our experts. We want to help marketing & sales leaders like you make their vision a reality.

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You will not be disappointed.

Not many partners exceed my expectations...these guys do. I only wished I hired them sooner.

Billy Lipari, Mueller - Innovative Custom Cut Solutions

10. Juli 2019

Digitalj2 gets an A+

You don't know what you don't know, and Digitalj2 showed us so many things we didn't know about Hubspot and how we could set it up to set US up for success. We knew we needed a clean up of our database but we had no idea the efficiencies we would gain from the work Digitalj2 did. Where it was once a disorganized, incomplete tool we rarely used, it is now the source of truth within our organization, and part of our DNA. I look forward to seeing what's next as we continue to work with John, Etienne, Ryan and the rest of this incredible team.

Dustin Warr,

03. Juli 2019

Phase one complete. Nailed it.

We just finished the first phase of our project with DigitalJ2. They revitalized our Hubspot set up, which on the surface doesn't seem difficult. However, what really sets them apart is understanding our business and building solutions around the very specific, nuanced criteria we presented to them. Always patient and effective adding value to our sales organization. Looking forward building an even deeper partnership with DigitalJ2.

Brandon Sacks,

02. Juli 2019

A Partner not a Vendor

I have been speaking with Digital J2 for over a year about our digital marketing struggles but at no time have they ever pushed their services on us. About 6 months ago we asked them to asses our digital marketing efforts, department and strategy and right away hit it off with not only our digital marketing team but everyone in sales and marketing. They have since implemented hub spot to integrate into our CRM which allow us to not only have visibility into our buyer's journey but more effectively predict and drive our pipeline. DJ2 not only understands the digital marketing aspect but tie that into our sales process and vice versa. Having once owned a digital marketing company, I am not easily impressed but have so far been very impressed with every member of the DJ2 Team. Keep it up guys and thank you for treating our business like it was your own!

Gani Zebersky, WheelHouse IT

26. April 2019

Great team!

I have worked with Etienne, Alessandro, and Bryan to get websites built and create marketing campaigns on social media. It is a team of bright young guys that really understand what it takes to build a good online presence. They are easy to work with and are always super quick to respond to any requests!

Monique Pelle-Kunkle, Mowbot, Inc.

26. April 2019

An extension of our company

After meeting Etienne and his father a few years ago while attending an event where they presented, I was very impressed and knew that someday we would need to work with them. The time was right a year or so later which has made our professional relationship together almost two years and we couldn't have asked for a better relationship. We have worked with several on their team including Ryan, Marina and now Colin. We couldn't be happier. They are always looking for ways that they can better our company through their experiences and knowledge. Not once have we felt that they were just looking to sell us on the next new things. They always put us first. The simplest way for us to look at it is we have a partner that works for us just like they were an employee within our building that fights our fight right along side of us!

Mark Chichester, Master Power Brakes

19. April 2019